Privacy of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Records for Minor Students in School-Based Part 2 Programs

Privacy considerations for minor students’ Substance Use Disorder treatment records.

A group of eight multi-ethnic teenagers, 17 and 18 years old, carrying book bags, standing together outside a school building. They are high school seniors or university freshmen.

Resource created by the CoE-PHI that describes key privacy considerations for minor students’ SUD treatment records when receiving services from a school-based program covered by Part 2.

Key Points

  • A school-based Part 2 program must obtain the minor’s written consent to disclose SUD treatment records to third parties, including parents, school officials, and insurance companies.
  • When a school-based Part 2 program has a duty under state law to report alleged child abuse or neglect, Part 2 records can be shared without obtaining the minor’s written consent.
  • In very limited circumstances, the program director of a school-based Part 2 program may share information to prevent a substantial threat to the life or physical well-being of the student or anyone else.