Cicatelli Associates, Inc. (CAI) is pleased to announce that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has awarded CAI funding to continue to administer the Center of Excellence for Protected Health Information (CoE-PHI) through September of 2026. 

This funding will allow us to continue to work with Legal Action Center (LAC), our principle legal partner, and expand our work with the Network for Public Health Law (NPHL).

This award means that we’re here to help you, for another three years, to keep you abreast of changes to health privacy laws, and to understand how these changes affect the care that you provide to the individuals that you serve.

The CoE-PHI team plans to seamlessly continue to provide training, technical assistance, and resources to help people and organizations in understanding and applying health privacy laws that apply to mental health and substance use information during this critical time. 

If you have questions about our work, and how we can support you, please contact us: